Saturday, 21 February 2009

Writer's Block...

It's strange how I don't tend to write about my life on this blog, as that is what I intended it to be, but instead I write about the random commentary which are my thoughts...

Right now, I feel I need inspiration .... writer's block is perhaps the most frustrating of all feelings, but it's so hard to find in the confines of indoors. At least it is for a girl who spends most of her life wandering outside in nature, blown away by the complex beauty that lies within. Such beauty doesn't seem to capture me in man-made goods.

So, I suppose as I have no particularly intriguing thoughts, but am still doomed by writer's block, I should write a little about myself.

I live in North England, where I just recently moved from the south. I go to high school. Which I don't like. But next year I will be going to college to do A levels to become a biologist, and I cannot wait! The main talk at school is how everybody is so scared of going to college, but I've been ready for too long now, and I think I'm going to love it.... :)

In a month, I am moving again, to Cheshire. I visited the house yesterday with my dad and my brother, and it is amazing! It's in a small hamlet, at the bottom of a valley, isolated yet entwined in a lovely community. While there I found a badger set just behind our house, saw many rabbits, a fox, and a Buzzard swooped brilliantly close above my head. Buzzards never cease to amaze me! Their graze, splendour, ease and beauty...

I feel restless though. I love moving, and I just want to go. My house at the moment is far too normal, in a normal neighbourhood.... my new house is a unique architectural design - slightly odd and quirky, but fun too...

I'm also restless about this summer. Exuberant, excited, jittery, and restless to leave: I'm going to the Peruvian Amazon, alone, for 3 weeks. I am absolutely, completely over-excited about this venture. The Amazon has been my dream since I first watched a David Attenborough (the king of my idols...) documentary about it when I was about 5. Now I am finally going, and nothing else seems to matter! Apart from the small matter of my GCSE's beforehand....but I try to avoid this thought as much as possible!

The Amazon..... I am still in utter disbelief!

I think I was born to travel. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the world. Experiencing different cultures. Routine bores me, and change makes me feel whole. But I'm not the voice of experience; no where near, so I can only hope that my vibrant energy for travelling isn't diluted as I get older. And I hope with all my heart that my fascination with nature and animals can grow into a voice of experience....

Wow, who knew I would manage to write about myself for that long. It may just be rambling though. I haven't quite mastered the art of a blog about day-to-day life, but maybe a blog about day-to-day thoughts, and the one-off entry about the truly amazing experiences will do. Here's hoping :)

I thought I would leave on some pictures and quotes... this, a fleeting glimpse of me and a beautiful lakeside park in Devon. I never did grow out of swings... feeling like I'm flying is like a taste of longed-for freedom.
And below, childhood was always a freedom to me, so I won't forget it. Mud paint at 15, and I refuse to give up! I generally adore this photo as well - a complete accident, and we still manage to look like evil tyrants!

"Life isn't about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself."

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you have imagined..."

"When you cease to dream, you cease to live."

"Be the Change you want to see in the world"


  1. Wow! I am smitten with your blog, your profile, your love for Africa and the Amazon and your wanderlust. What a find! And you are how old? No Way! I was in the Peruvian Amazon last November for two weeks - if there is anything you're curious about - let me know. Are you entering through Iquitos or Puerto Maldonado? You should also checkout my friend's blog "Drawing the Motmot." She was just there and has some beautiful sights and sounds she shares.

  2. live every moment to the fullest - what a fantastic adventure you have in front of you!! and you will love college - don't feel the pressure to decide anything and be OK if your direction changes that's the only thing I can say. The world needs more EcoGrrls!!!