Sunday, 22 February 2009

Indiy the Gecko

Well, still aiming to write a bit about my day-to-day life here, but today not too much happened. I went for a long walk in the woods, which as always was beautiful - the overcast sky made me see the place in a different light; an almost magical light. It's strange how oddly amazing the silhouette of skeletal trees can be. Staring up at the sky, entwined with delicate branches, I wished I had a camera on me, but as always I had forgotten it for a time when I really needed it!

I spent some of the evening with Indiy, my Leopard Gecko. 4 years and he still amazes me; it may sound strange but lizards can be brilliantly intuitive. Just as I walked into my room today, he came running up to the glass and put both hands against it - he does this when he wants to be sprayed with water, and surely as always this was what he wanted. I then realised I had no pictures of him, so he had his first experience of a photo shoot today....


  1. What great photos and what a cute pet.

  2. Hi, thanks for following my blog. Thought I would pop in to see how you are. Think your pet gecko is great. We have loads of lizards here. Not any around at the moment as it is too cold and wet here, its winter.ugh! See that you are in the north of England, I'm from Morpeth area, thats past Newcastle upon tyne.
    Might do a post on lizards if I can catch them on camera in the summer. Years ago I was on the cb (citizens band radio) and my handle was firefly.