Friday, 27 February 2009

Essence of Creation

Last night I went for a walk to the sports field near my house. The night sky was clear; the wind had an icy edge; the fields and the streets took on a different persona in the darkness; a more claustrophobic one. When I reached the sports field, it was an open expanse, an oasis of greying green, surrounded by the distant shadows of homes.

I laid down in the middle of an empty tennis court. Strange, I know, but the people who walked by were people I'd probably never see again, so I just lay there, looking up at the stars. I was with a friend, and they were humming softly to themselves, but I felt completely alone... hypnotised by the enthralling pinpricks of other worlds above me, and by the wind whistling through the trees.

I felt like I was listening to departing footsteps, but hearing a grasping melody.

I know many people, when confronted by the entirety of Space, feel insignificance for their lives, and the world they see through their eyes, but I don't think we should feel this way.

We should feel like an integral part of the world.

Part of the Universe.

One of the essences of creation itself.

When I look up to the night sky, I feel like I'm not alone. Like there's something, somewhere, watching. Helping. And although it makes me desperate for true knowledge, and puzzled by the fact that our facts are only theories awaiting proof, the sight of the stars and the fact that I'm here makes me feel overwhelmingly privileged to be a part of something so amazing.

Insignificance is not the word.

Just a tiny part of a massive puzzle, yet to be solved.

I don't know how long I lay there, staring at the stars, but long enough for these thoughts to entwine my mind, and take it over as I stared with focused happiness.

Whatever you believe about the creation of the world, it is a breathtaking thing. Only scarred by our unappreciating selves, but I'm sure, if we ever were to go, it would heal faster than we could imagine. And I know it scares some people to know the only thing they will leave on this Earth are fading memories, but in some ways I see it as a comfort. Given time, the world can heal, and things will always carry on as they were supposed to. We are just a page still being read and yet to be turned over in the history of the world.


  1. There was Someone watching and helping you.
    You ARE privileged, and you ARE an important part of His creation. He loves you.
    He gave you the gift of expressing yourself so beautifully. He cares. He made all of the beauty of creation for you.

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