Tuesday, 10 February 2009


This morning I woke up while the darkness still engulfed the world outside, but still I drew my curtains enthusiastically in the hope that maybe it had snowed again last night. It hadn't. So as I prepared for the novelty of snow to disappear, and life to return to the steady tiresomeness of routine, I also prepared to not have the most enlightening day.

But as I walked down to the bus stop, just after the sun had risen in the clear skies, I was surprised by feeling uplifted and exuberant. Everything seemed beautiful, in its most simple form. I didn't need novelty, or no routine, I just needed to open my eyes, and on this crisp winters morning it seemed the perfect time to do this.

The pastel colours of the bird song in the back of my mind,

The way the sun made the dew twinkle on the grass,

The scattered light shining through the beautiful skeletons of trees,

The remaining memory of snow in the snowmen; the memory of laughing children and families in gloves and scarves, and bright red cheeks,

The cold breeze blowing on my face,

The smile of a friendly stranger, and the happy eyes of their four legged friend,
My shadow morphed into a giant, skipping along the pavement....

I never thought sentimentality would capture me, but it is not something that hits you, it is something that grows inside you. Everything is so beautiful when you look at it with an open mind, and a smile on your face. Tonight I got in to hear of the further devastation in Australia, and the sentimentality in my mind was gone, but it stays within me, ready for another care-free, beautiful morning, where everything might just seem beautiful again. Beautiful in it's simplest form, without the need for novelty.

"It is the simple things that make life wonderful."

"You were born an original. Don't die a copy."
"A closed mind is a good thing to lose."


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