Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Wandering; Wondering...

It seems strange to me that I only learnt these two words had different meanings a couple of years ago, as still they seem like one definition in my own mind; they are just a metaphor of eachother: wandering is walking in no particular direction, while your mind is wondering in no particular direction, and so they can be swapped.

I've found it is nice to be able to wander, to escape all the chaos and havoc for an hour, while I aimlessly walk and admire whatever catches my eye. Today I just couldn't study, so I went for a wander in the woods; it was an overcast day but the sun's beams managed to reflect off the lake in such a wistful way that they gave me the illusion of sunshine, which somehow always brightens my spirits. Not that I feel dark at the moment, but it is nice to get away from the stress of the revision books!

I have discovered that I now feel safe when I wander. I used to run at the first shadow; create people watching me behind every tree: it may sound paranoid, but with all the 'rising knife crime' and worse in the British papers at the moment, it's easy to let my imagination overpower the few rational thoughts in my head. And then the youth of today are attacked for staying inside all the time; it seems we are trapped in a darkened corridor with obesity, cancer, diabetes in one direction, and murder, attacks and abuse in the other.

Personally, I have learnt to take media with a hint of skepticism, and have decided I would much rather take my chances outside in the few places where I feel free, and with this I have let go of my paranoia. However, I can empathise with those who would rather feel safe. And I can feel the condescending nature of those few older people who have the youth of today trapped in a vice. The exaggeration of the media today concerning Britain's youth, particularly on their crimes, to their apparent lack of morals, to their carelessness about their rising obesity and unhealthiness, is appalling. And furthermore it is a downwards spiral...

I'm sorry about this rant, but it seems to me that we, meaning young people of the country, have got somewhat of the short straw when it comes to the prejudices and assumptions of older people. Most of us are not criminals; most of us would like to be able to walk the streets without fear; and most of us have hopes and dreams we'd like to aspire to before being caught in this downward spiral.

But me, I suppose I shall go back to wondering what the world would be like without the judgements of others, or the 'scare stories' of the media weighed upon my shoulders, as I wander among the bluebells blooming under the trees, and think that humanity really is a beautiful thing, if only that beauty could be grasped.


  1. hummm.... I wonder who these older people are who hold younger people in a vice. if you are 12, 15 is older, if 20, 30 is older if 59, 75 is older.... Old older people are also held in a vice of fear - your savings will dissapear. you will lose your independence, people will take advantage, will steal your money. you will be alone. fear mongering when you can think of nothing else to write or talk about.
    Fear comes from feelings of helplessness, of Vulnerability - fight it, fight them - those that monger - learn to think and defend yourself and be free of fear.
    hugs and kisses
    Gramma Ginger in Brasil :)

  2. I read your comment twice, and it made me smile :) I suppose we're all sort of running round in circles, as there will always be something, or somebody to fear, so yes I will fight it; not them, but my own annoyance at those who cause the prejudices among us all. After all, they are only hurting themselves if nobody listens to their fear mongering, and if we all realise how strong we are as indivuals...
    Thankyou =]

  3. lovely writing as usual. one note i must say in 'big sister mode' - don't ever apologize for expressing your opinion. women often have a habit of interjecting 'i'm sorry' into their words to soften what they are saying. no need. you are a force to be reckoned with!