Thursday, 22 January 2009

See the light.

Today I was told I'm an optimist, for always seeing the lighter side of darkness. But there is always light in darkness.

The problem is you can only see it in the natural world. You won't find a pessimist there where you can look up to the stars, and see that hope is never lost; it never can be in the greater scheme of things, for even when there is only the hollow light of the moon, there is still light.

Only cities hide the stars. There is too much false light; false hope; false glory for the real light to be seen. So a pessimist can only be found in the cities, which blind me uncompromisingly. This industrialisation is a mistake. If we could all see the light, we could see the terror which we have set ourselves upon.

Maybe then, and only then, will we ever stop and realise we've been blinded. Then maybe we can let our eyes adjust.

"The war between light and dark, as it plays out in present time on this planet, is between the philosophy of maximum freedom and maximum control at the expense of freedom."


  1. I agree about cities hiding the stars, people are so angry where we live and I'm not surprised, hemmed in and surrounded, on top of each other. Sometimes it is suffocating. I hope to be free...)

    Have you ever read Marcovaldo?

    Thank you for the lovely post, I'll call back again.)

  2. Beautiful is all that I can say. Simply beautiful...........